OP zine, 18-October-2020

The man with a pair of man-made wings

Lee Ka-sing
The man with a pair of man-made wings (work 2013)
from Z FICTION series
archival pigment print, 16x20, in edition of 10

Photogram by Holly Lee

Holly Lee
20x24 inches, gelatin silver photograph

(notes on a photogram)
- When did we produce this abstract photogram, where a number of objects scattered in this vast black space? I can still recognize most of them: a 6000 watt second flash bulb from our powerful studio strobe light unit Broncolor 606, a cosmic ladder mechanical clock we bought from Guggenheim museum New York (which is still hanging and making noise in our home), two pieces of slender porcupine quills forming here an X, a plastic 3-d lensless glasses, a wire mandala and a test strip at the corner, a bunch of tangled wire hidden behind the clock with some running amok. The bunch of wire has had several reincarnations. Though it was used earlier in this photogram, it made its presence most prominently in between 1994-5. Ka-sing used it in an artwork in “The Box Show” in the October issue of Dislocation Magazine. “The Box show” was an original idea from Law Kin Wai, an art critic and curator who initiated and organized an exhibition (with the same name) for the Fringe Club in September of the same year (1994). Dislocation had featured a major part of the artwork, by twenty three artists, each created art out of the cd box. And lastly I used it, combined with an image full of leaves to create a photogram called Tangled. It was used in the cover of Dislocation Magazine in January 1995 issue.

Rope Walking in Niagara Falls

Tomio Nitto
Rope Walking in Niagara Falls

Mixed-media, painting on wood
2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5"

Two Lady Golfers

Two Lady Golfers
Shi Qing 石青
Size: 21”x30.5” (535mmx775mm)
circa 1930s

As a popular advertising medium mass produced on paper during the 1920s to 1940s, dates and months were actually removed from some of the ‘calendars’, 月份牌(yuèfènpái) as they were commonly called. These pure advertising posters were always free with purchasing products. Tightly knitted with an idealistic imported Western lifestyle, these posters usually employed beautiful women to reflect on a new era. Through modern and voguish women one could have a glimpse of an increasing active social life, riding on new inventions such as motor cycles and flying in aeroplanes, engaging in sports such as swimming, golfing, rowing and horse racing. The modern women were free and capable of doing things not possible before 1920 - including smoking. This poster was commissioned by Eastern Pacific Tobacco Company. Signed by the artist and impressed with red seal.

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OCEAN POUNDS is a platform for a number of art-driven projects, founded in 1995 (Hong Kong) by photo-based artists Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing, headquartered in Toronto since 2000. OCEAN POUNDS is also a primo spot to acquire Holly and Ka-sing’s work - from the very recent to vintages dated back to late 70’s. Furthermore, it acts as a good resource to locate fine art pieces from their past organized projects (Gallery, Representation, Print Program), with work from prominent artists notably Nobuyoshi Araki, Christopher Doyle, Yau Leung and Yao Jui-chung.

Holly Lee

Holly Lee (Hong Kong/Canada) worked as a professional photographer for nearly two decades before relocating to Toronto in 1997. She was awarded an Asian Cultural Council fellowship in 1994 and was the recipient of the Grand Award and two Gold Awards from the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (1995) and Best of Multimedia in the Pan Pacific Digital Artistry Competition (1996). From 1992 to 1999 she was one of the founders and editors of DISLOCATION magazine, a Hong Kong-based monthly journal on contemporary photography. After moving to Canada in 1997 she helped to set up LEE KA-SING gallery in 2000. From 2006 to 2018 she was involved in INDEXG, coordinating the gallery’s exhibition programs. Her first poetry book Nine Years was publishing as a POD by OCEAN POUNDS in 2020.


Lee Ka-sing

Lee Ka-sing grew up in Hong Kong and resides in Toronto, Canada since 1997. He was the co-founder of DISLOCATION (1992-1999 Hong Kong), a former independent photography magazine. In 1989, he was awarded “Artist of the Year” by Hong Kong Artists’ Guild. A decade later, in 1999 he received the Fellowship for Artistic Development presented by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Selected monographs include Thirty-one Photographs (1993, Photo Art), Forty Poems, photographs 1995-98 (1998, Ocean & Pounds, Hong Kong Arts Development Council Publication Grant), The Language of Fruits and Vegetables (2004, Hong Kong Heritage Museum), De ci de là des choses (2006, Editions You-Feng). His work is in private and public collections, and in museums such as Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, M+ Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


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Z FICTION is a series of photo-based work by Lee Ka-sing. The series was initiated in 2008. Fictional and narrative, each image is an individual, independent and self-contained piece.

To date, around 70 works in this series have been made. Limited editions available in the format 16x20 inches (10 editions). For most works in this series, Lee also issues an open-edition in 8”x10” format, signed.

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