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Double Double

Hana, Picnic, Stones

Hana, Picnic, Stones

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Hana, Picnic, Stones
Double Double, April edition 2022

ebook edition
140 pages, 8x10 in, 20×25 cm

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Paperback Edition (print-on-demand)
8x10 in, 20×25 cm, 188 pages
softcover, perfect binding
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About the book
The April issue of DOUBLE DOUBLE introduces the latest work by Patrick Lee: HANA 花 (Flowers). During the last two years of isolation, in his spare time, at his own space Patrick created this body of work through flower arrangement; through Kado 華道, the Japanese way of flowers. This work continues to blossom and allow him to adopt a very personal expression and dimension of his christian faith, a way to keep pursuing his lifelong spiritual quest. He picked up materials from high-rises, nearby parks and vacant lands, finding beauty in the neglected and the unappreciated. He jewelled the poor and the humble. The art process creates sacred moments of self meditation, a harmony of heaven, earth and man.

From another point, Holly Lee began her journey inwards over ten years ago, and still trying to understand the intrinsic motivation behind her project - Shan Hai Jin 山海經. In search of meaning, in finding one’s true consciousness, perhaps one can be independent of anything, see and connect to every aspect of the outside world.

In this issue, Lee Ka-sing publishes three visual poems as a suite. In less than two years, he lost his father and a Hong Kong poet friend who lived in Toronto. Two poems from this suite are dedicated to them. Images of “The Travelogue of a Bitter Melon” were drawn out from the archive of his vintage Polaroids. The title is a reference to Leung Ping-kwan’s poem “Travelling with a Bitter Melon”. Ping-kwan was a close friend who passed away in 2013.




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