Lee Ka-sing, a photo-based artist, grew up in Hong Kong and has resided in Toronto, Canada since 1997. He was the co-founder of DISLOCATION (1992, with Lau Ching and Holly Lee). In 1995, Ka-sing and Holly founded OP Print Program (aka OP Editions, or Portable Museum), the project covers a cross-section, with original photographs, produced by the Hong Kong contemporary photographers in the nineties. Lee Ka-sing was awarded “Artist of the Year” (1989) by Hong Kong Artists’ Guild, and the Fellowship for Artistic Development (1999) presented by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Selected monographs include Thirty-one Photographs (1993, Photo Art), Forty Poems, photographs 1995-98 (1998, Ocean & Pounds, Hong Kong Arts Development Council Publication Grant), The Language of Fruits and Vegetables (2004, Hong Kong Heritage Museum), De ci de là des choses (2006, Editions You-Feng).

In Summer 2019, Sotheby’s gallery Hong Kong presented “Vision of Hong Kong from Two Generations: Yau Leung and Lee Ka-sing”. The exhibition included two series of Lee Ka-sing's creative work on Hong Kong, diptychs (2016-17) and vintage silver photographs (1996-97). Lee Ka-sing’s work is in private and public collections, and in museums such as Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, M+ Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

His most recent photo-based work “CODA” exists as a 480 pages BOOK, a symphonic poem constructed with 227 photographs responding to Leung Ping-kwan’s “Cloud Travel” written in 1981. CODA was released in the exhibition “On the Brink of Borrowed Time: To Stay / To Flee”, organized by The House of Hong Kong Literature, which took place at the Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2020.

Follow the steps of their early art publishing activities in Hong Kong, such as QIU YÍNG SHĪ KĀN, DISLOCATION and OP, Ka-sing and Holly presently direct their focus on POD Publishing (print-on-demand) and the web project OCEAN POUNDS.

DOUBLE DOUBLE, published every Friday, is an online zine Ka-sing and Holly launched in January 2019. Designed partly for documentation, combing through archives of their earlier studio work, photography, writing, publishing, art programs and gallery activities from late 70's to late 2010s, it also serves as a platform to create and publish new work. Since the inauguration of the DOUBLE DOUBLE zine, over 100 issues have been published. A series of print-on-demand publications based on these weeklies is in progress.

In 2020, “DOUBLE DOUBLE: Box-in-a-Valise”, an exhibition based on archival and recent work material was organized in Toronto.



李家昇出生及成長於香港,自1997年,旅居加拿大多倫多,生活及創作。在港其間,1992與劉清平,黃楚喬共同創辦攝影刊物「女那禾多」。1995年與黃楚喬一同創立OP照片限量版計劃。是個計劃為香港九十年代現代攝影的發展保留了一個以原作照片為本的輪廓。李家昇1989年獲香港藝術家聯盟頒發藝術家年獎,1999年獲香港藝術發展局之視藝發展獎。主要攝影出版物包括《李家昇照片冊》(影藝出版社,1993)、《Forty Poems》(奧信彭司,香港藝術發展局資助,1998)、《蔬果說話》(香港文化博物館,2004)、《東西 De ci de là des choses》(友豐出版社,2006)。




DOUBLE DOUBLE 是一份每週五出版的網上刊物,自2019年一月開始出版,如今已經出版超過百期。李家昇及黃楚喬在此平台上集中寫作及整理自七十年代至今,數十年間他們的創作以及各項相關活動,保留了大量原始材料。同時,是個空間也是作為展示兩人新近作品的場地。這些材料,他們正在著手整理成為POD書冊的出版物。

此外,這些整理物也發展成為實體展覧,「DOUBLE DOUBLE: Box-in-a-Valise」2020年於多倫多展出,展覽模式也隨地緣客觀空間而具可變性