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Lee Ka-sing

Foodscape, Vancouver 1997 [食事地域誌] 複刻本

Foodscape, Vancouver 1997 [食事地域誌] 複刻本

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ebook version ( pdf download)

Foodscape, Vancouver 1997 [食事地域誌] 複刻本
Lee Ka-sing, Leung Ping-kwan


ebook edition
36 pages, 8x10 in, 20×25 cm

pdf (full-screen interactive)


About the book
This edition is an unabridged republication of the edition published in Hong Kong in 1997 by The Original Photograph Club Limited. It was originally an artist book accompanied the FOODSCAPE exhibition. Addition to this edition, with an endnote by Lee Ka-sing and documentation photograph of the exhibition at Artspeak Gallery.

“FOODSCAPE was an exhibition held at ARTSPEAK Gallery in Vancouver from February 14 to March 15 in 1997. This publication accompanied the event. The exhibition was later toured to McIntosh Gallery in Ontario. After the exhibition, exhibits were returned from the institution to Hong Kong. Almost the same time, our family was settling in Canada. Somehow, the shipment was dislocated and never found. For that reason, all artworks and publications were lost. I have made two sets for the artwork, which means I still have an extra set with me, with most of them unmounted. For the catalogue, it was a small print-run with only 500 counts. Due to lost shipment, the circulation becomes even less.

FOODSCAPE was later exhibited in cities in Germany, France and Japan, and some of the exhibitions with newly made work relating to the city it traveled to. The first chapter of the collaboration project in Vancouver is still the most memorable. This out-of-print exhibition catalogue becomes a significantly important artifact of the FOODSCAPE project. In the exhibition in Vancouver, I had ten 30x40 inch canvas prints on the wall, alongside each, an acrylic shelf supported an open book displaying Ping-kwan’s bilingual poem.

Ping-kwan left us in 2013, and Martha, the translator, also left some time later in the same year. This reprint is a small dedication to them and to the memories of the project.”




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