Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box (2022)

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box
(book, as original, 52 photographs)

An Installation-On-Paper by Lee Ka-sing, 2022. A suite of sixty photographs in sequence. 

Fifty two Fragments of photo paper test-strips from the 80s-90s archive of Ka-sing and Holly’s studio. In addition, eight new photographs on Kai Chan’s sculptural objects. These test-strips included Cibachrome photographs, fibre-based silver prints, and Chromogenic colour photographs. The work was created, on the occasion of “2K 4.0”, the fourth collaborative exhibition in Toronto by Kai Chan and Lee Ka-sing.

A full version of this book is on view at this link:


Museum edition, in format of 12x12 inch, 106 pages, linen hardcover. Printed on 216gsm matte paper, in a seven-colour digital offset process.  In five limited editions.

The book was also issued in a Trade edition, same size 12x12, 106 pages, hardcover with jacket. Printed on a thinner paper, four colour digital offset printing. 



facsimile edition, was also released, with the book size reduced to 8x10 inch, and photographs downsized to 65%. 128 pages, softcover.


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