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Ximena Berecochea

Ximena Berecochea - From The house in the house series

Ximena Berecochea - From The house in the house series

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Good Edition
From The house in the house series
Archival pigment print
5.5 x 7.5 inchesin edition of 30

A special mini edition issued by INDEXG. Archival pigment print printed on 7.5 x 5.5 inches cotton rag paper. 30 editions, with Edition Stamp and numbered on front.

This was a photo project generated for Spadina House in Toronto. This house remains unoccupied. It was once a private shelter for moving stories, and has now become a scenery. Although it’s empty, there is sound. Subtle traces and shadows may remind us of another life. Or perhaps, they may help to create our own story, our private house in the house.

As a photographer, Ximena Berecochea has exhibited widely over the last ten years in galleries and photo festivals. She is currently doing her PhD, on the relation text-image in Contemporary Mexican Literature, at the University of Toronto.

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