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Shelley Savor

Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas

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Shelley Savor
Stormy Seas

Drawing, on paper
7 1/2" X 9 3/4"
Signed on front, titled on verso


Ref: ss0124-0206-2021-3


(Gibberish Diary, written by Holly Lee) 
Yap, I’m praying to the burning bush, to the crocodile in the pond, that snake, that fish bone, a short-haired woman walking in her sleep. Yap, I’m that man behind the trunky curtain, a cigarette in my mouth, inhale exhale I command the blooming and the falling of flowers, I plant that storm in the city, my wolfman hovers above buildings under that messed up sky. Manwolf drives into the city, only the four-legs, eight-legs and fourteen-legs strolling by. The two-legs are on boats refuging, at home cooking, zooming, streaming, lounging or doing nothing. I am doodling.

SECLUSION DELUSIONS showcases a small number of mixed-media drawings by Shelley Savor, all done in the isolation year of 2020. One may say these paintings are not just delightful, but therapeutic, they present equally well as whimsical sanctuaries for our currently interrupted, baffled form of living.

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