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Tomio Nitto

Light house and Tsunami

Light house and Tsunami

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180mm x 124mm x 32mm


Tomio Nitto loves to work with hands. Sometimes he builds theatres, like these two miniature scenes inside the boxes, one depicting day and the other depicting night, both staging perhaps the same photographer capturing some quite amazing moments. Dwelling on the contrasting thoughts of the ostrich and the black bear - are they friends or foes? Though the photographer prefers the former a cold shiver runs down his spine as he looks through the lens of the camera. He is struck by the strength and beauty of both animals, one stands nine feet tall and the other weighs over 300 pounds.

Tomio Nitto loves nature and animals. After half retiring from his successful career as an illustrator, he turned his attention to subject matters that he cares for most. When he sketches outdoors, birds would land on his sketch book, and when he bicycles to High Park to look at the beavers, he would bring them a story in exchange of their sticks. The little objects Tomio made are miraculously rich in detail and imagination. They are packed with delicate touches reaped from his keen observation and the persistent pursuance of a low-tech, quiet-down and slow-pace life.


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