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Alex Livingston

Alex Livingston - Untitled #4, 2006

Alex Livingston - Untitled #4, 2006

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Good Edition,
Untitled #4, 2006
Archival pigment print
5.5 x 7.5 inchesin edition of 30

A special mini edition issued by INDEXG. Archival pigment print printed on 7.5 x 5.5 inches cotton rag paper. 30 editions, with Edition Stamp and numbered on front.

The work of Halifax-based artist Alex Livingston is generated by electronic drawing tablets and computer software, outputted as large-scale prints on photo paper. These digital images looks like industrially-fabricated cables. "Part gigantic electronic doodles, part expansive, painting-like gestures," wrote Gary Michael Dault, "the interwoven cable-forms ultimately generate a new kind of visual territory that often (and inexplicably) seems strangely familiar (the spirit of Jackson Pollock stirs somewhere within Livingston’s now cooled-down freneticism)."

Alex Livingston was born in Kingston, Ontario, and currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is presently Associate Professor of Fine Arts, and Chair of Fine Arts at NSCAD. Alex Livingston has exhibited his paintings in numerous solo and group exhibitions in public and commercial galleries across Canada. His work is in private, corporate and public collections. 

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