POETRY zine #01

Press Release
Date: February 2020

Writing a poem with sequential photographs.
Lee Ka-sing launches his periodical zine instead of making a coffee-table monograph.

POETRY zine, the inaugural Issue will be released in February, 2020.
Format: 8.5”x11”, 40 pages, perfect binding, published 10 times a year, POETRY zine will be available in two versions - regular edition, and a deluxe edition that comes with a signed 8"x10" original print.

The Inaugural Issue consists of 4 poems, with 19 diptych photographs, plus archive feature of an earlier work on the back-cover ”The Psychological Journey while Taking a Colour Photograph of a Dinosaur”.

Lee Ka-sing began DUET series in 2014, a large body of diptych photographs. Over the years, more than a thousand diptychs have been created. In 2019, Lee began to construct picture poems from these diptych photographs, which in his own words, are phrases or stanzas in his pocket. In fact, most of the diptychs, by itself, and from an imaginary perspective, are duo images juxtaposed like a piece of haiku.

Lee Ka-sing (b.1954), a photo-based artist brought up in Hong Kong, currently works and lives in Toronto, Canada. His work is in the public collections such as Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, M+ Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

PREVIEW this inaugural issue - a complete version at BLURB

Regular edition is available at BLURB (CAD$16.49 +shipping)
Deluxe edition is available exclusively at OCEAN POUNDS (US$100 free shipping)

The Deluxe edition comes with an 8x10 original print, signed, with a maximum print-run of 100.

The second issue of POETRY zine will be released in March, 2020.
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