Collection: Camel was the Father of GPS

November 29 to December 12, 2020

Camel was the Father of GPS

Pigment Prints by Lee Ka-sing


Lee Ka-sing started to write poetry at the tender age of fourteen. After ten years, photography took over poetry, and within the next two decades, poetry, in return, would greatly influence his thinking on photography. Today, fifty some years after he wrote the first poem, in a heartbeat he would say I write poem with photography. In the exhibition Camel was the Father of GPS, every photograph offers a poem, captured vividly with just one or two lines, the rest is clear - it is there to motivate, so let your imagination fly! There is no lack of response to his images. They discharge certain universal, mesmeric charms, not to dictate, but to unfold the many possibilities of reading. The images are personal yet impersonal, one poem leading to another, without a full stop. (written by Holly Lee)

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