Iris Lee

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Writings by Gary Michael Dault
based on Lee Ka-sing's photographs
from LIGHT READINGS series

(Photograph by Lee Ka-sing - Moment)


#147: Moment


draw fast
through these middling days
with their blunted blades

draw first
through this syrup
of dulled space

draw now
before an incontinent moon
wets your pliable resolve

draw hard
your hand is thick
with runoff ideas

draw down
in the gnashing
of the other shooter’s teeth

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by Fiona Smyth

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Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

Cambodia (December, 2002) – Entrenched in the jungle, Ankor Wat is a complex of Buddhist temples. Rambling around obscure foliage and stone shrines, we stumbled on a small group of novice monks building a stupa. Our presence broke the silent composition of stones and mortar into a standing monument in honour of a passing life. Instead we had a moment of smiles, giggles and curious questions.

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Tabletop Studio
by Gary Michael Dault

No. 208: The Red Buddha

"What's this then?" asked his next-door neighbour, Abigail, during one of her brief and always undesired visits to his studio.
"It's called 'The Red Buddha', he told her
"I like the other colours better than the Buddha's red," Abigail ventured. "I really like all that gold, and that vertical streak of orange."
"What's wrong with the red?"
It's sullen," said Abigail. "It's the colour of hot brick."
"That's okay," he said.
"And why is the Buddha figure up so high in the painting?"
"Oh, said Abigail brightly, you mean like updraft?"
"Uplift," he told her quietly.

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by Kai Chan

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Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

Making Yau Ja Gwai

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