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Lee Ka-sing
NOTES ON 1997, twenty vintage photographs
(Work year 1997-98, printed in 1998)
Gelatin silver photograph, 16"x20" fibre-based paper (image size 14.5x14.5 inches)

This body of work have been exhibited in Hong Kong City Hall, Goethe Institute, and Asian Fine Arts Factory in Berlin. Some of the vintage photographs of this series are currently in the collection of M+ Museum.


Dinosaur In The City, Near Laichikon (1998)

The Face (1997)

Ten Poet Friends Behind The "British" Gate (1998)

The Floating City (1997)

Hong Kong, Someday in 1997 (1997)

A View From Mandarin Oriental In Macau (1998)

Patrick With An Umbrella, After A Late Breakfast In Peng Chau (1998)

RELAX (1998)

Detector Installation Near The Old Airport, Kai-tak (1998)

Harbour Song (1998)

The Traffic Light In Front Of The Industrial Tanks (1998)

Palm (1998)

Billboard, Snake, And The Operating Instructions For A TV Set (1998)

Bird With Human Face (1998)

The Woman Who Had Her Memories Lost (1997)

A Boulder And The World Of Eternal Hell It Faces, Tiger Balm Garden (1998)

The Love (1998)

The Building Behind A Billboard With Butterflies, Macau (1998)

The Island, Looking Out From A Ferry To Pend Chau (1998)

Tasting A Local Cabernet Sauvignon In Ontario (1998)



Holly Lee

Twelve Portraits (in the clock tower of Hallgrímskirkja)
April, 2019

Right foot up, then left
or, left foot up, then right
either ways
both feet land  
on the nine-inch high
observation step

Twist to the right
blah blah blah blah
twist to the left
blah blah blah blah
those names
are very hard to utter

icing sugar mountains
little candy houses
devour them
the arctic wind and all

Morning running sun
be more hiking shoes
boots and woolen sneakers
finding their way
busily engage in
making faces




Sushi Grass in Paradise (A story)

written by Holly Lee
with photographs by Lee Ka-sing


(11) A Dedicated Fan (or Two)

Mrs. Bento continued to read the Blue Journal, which she found MM's attachment to JM quite intriguing, and was wondering what would happen next.

"In fact, I did not forget Joni Mitchell completely after settling in Toronto. After all she is a national treasure (in the past I always thought she was American). I went to her concert (Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan) in Maple Leaf Gardens on October 29, 1998. I remember this so clearly just because I did some research on what I forgot. This one, together with the Ottawa concert, would be her last full performances in Canada.

It is a shame that I vaguely remember anything from that concert. Not how she looked like, how she sounded nor any number from her song list. I must have missed, by heart and mind, almost thirty years of her work. Besides seated high on the third floor left wing from the stage, the only other thing I remembered that night was I lost my car after the concert. It was taken away by a toll truck and we spent a few hours locating it, paid a handsome amount to getting it back. She was in Toronto again on her 70th birthday, in a tribute concert as part of the Luminato Festival in 2013, which I had also skipped. Me dumbhead thinking, it wouldn't have made any impression anyway. But it would be the last time we'd hear her sing, by surprise, and see her swing. Too late, I don't think I'd ever have another chance to see her in person. Blissfully, I can find most of the videos and clippings of her from YouTube.

But what's the point of seeing the real Joni? Snap out of it. Better off locking her image, the one that I always associate with, forever in my heart, warm and safe. Surely in this captivated space, Joni and I could enjoy all the time we have, engage in as many conversations as we want."

How can a person called herself a dedicated fan if she kept missing the opportunities to hearing and meeting her idol? Mrs. Bento shook her head in disbelief. By contrast, she remembered a guest of hers, Barbara. She is a fervent fan of the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies. In fact Mrs. Bento recognizes this band and knows a song or two from the radio. Ginger sometimes does find her mom quite smart. Beside couching Sci-fi and monster movies with her, this is another point that proves her mom isn't that out of touch.

Yes, Mrs. Bento remembers Barbara quite well. She came from the city of Winterhur from Switzerland. The main reason of her trip was to see a rock concert by the Barenaked Ladies in Kingston. When they talked in the morning during breakfast, Mrs. Bento learned that this was Barbara's 53rd show of the band, and that she had been a vivid follower since 2000.

Never has Mrs. Bento met a real person with such dedication! Barbara has even created a German website for the band. Out of curiosity Mrs. Bento asked which was the first band Barbara encountered and fell for. It was also her band - the Beatles. She still recalls the boyish look and gesture of a younger Paul McCartney when he sang "when I'm 64". And in the wink of an eye he is turning 77.


"Sushi Grass in Paradise" is an on-going story. To read the last chapter please refer to the previous issue of DOUBLE DOUBLE.

To read the full length "Sushi Grass in Paradise", please use this link




Joseph Fung
San Francisco #2, (#96P0168)
8"x10", chromogenic photograph
(printed in 1996)
OP Edition, with "OP editions" blind-stamp
Edition 9/20, signed, titled, numbered on verso
Featured in the OP EDITIONS catalogue, issue 9603 in 1996

OP editions are limited edition photographs from the OP Print Program we organized since 1995. After we moved to Toronto, the Program was still in operation for the first five years. Over hundreds of artists have been included, with photographs released as small format limited editions, in 8”x10” fibre-based black and white or chromogenic colour photographs. We plan to publish here, a selection from the collection on a weekly basis. Some of the photographs from OP EDITIONS are available at OCEAN POUNDS online shop.



Lee Ka-sing
Published by OP fotogallery in 1998
8.125x10.125 inch, 106 pages, cloth bound hardcover
Publication designed by Lee Ka-sing

This publication was supported in part by a grant from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The monograph includes two series of work - Forty Poems (25 photographs in colour), Notes On 1997 (20 black and white photographs).


FORTY POEMS is available in Hong Kong at GALLERY Z
In Toronto or elsewhere, please contact Lee Ka-sing



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