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Sushi Grass in Paradise (A story)

written by Holly Lee
with photographs by Lee Ka-sing

(3) The Skill of Playing Dead

Mrs. Bento
It is almost the second Anniversary of our Bed and Breakfast! For the past year we came across so many interesting people that we wouldn't have met if it wasn't the business. I keep thinking back of certain people who'd made an impression on me. Juan, for example, stayed with us during the last International Film Festival. He was here for the film La Soga, which he played the part of the General. Juan was smart, funny and knowledgeable. He loved eating the bread I made (almost every other day). He put on this most wonderful, satisfying look in his face as the lightly toasted bread went down his mouth. He then would look at me and tell me with his eyes "what a great treat!". I was so overwhelmed with his praises that I had to make sure my next loaf won't disappoint him.

Of course, my bread is better than those brought in the supermarket because it is fresher. I have chosen a good bread maker after some research so that baking would not discourage me. I have fun and been adventurous in trying out different recipes. I share conversation with guests on the success and failure about bread baking with machines. One thing that really surprises me though is my own persistence. Instead of letting my Cuisinart bread maker sitting idly there acting like another decorative item in the kitchen, we work, and experiment together really hard year round.

Mr. Bento
A man from Vancouver came to study acting and stayed in our B&B. Actually he's retired but he wouldn't mind starting another career. As a novice the acting school advised him to learn the skill of playing dead. During breakfast time we learned some rules about the act of dying.

 "If you are to die in front of an audience and there's no story written out for you, you need to devise a dying plan. You must come up with a way to die, like to fake a death by heart attack, or getting shot, or being stabbed. Practicing is very important and you will require help from another actor of friend. They will tell you if its looks right. If you fall, and surroundings permit, fall onto the grass instead of the sidewalk. After you die, remain completely still. Best is to close your eyes, don't smile or make any other facial movements. Keep a blank look on your face, try counting to meditate and visualize a calm, serene place."

"Sushi Grass in Paradise" is an on-going story. To read the last chapter please refer to the previous issue of DOUBLE DOUBLE.



Twenty vintage Test-strips  from the studio of Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing
(most of them were made in the 90s)

Test-strip in the lab works, is similar to the Polaroid to a studio photographer before an actual shot is made; a sketch to a painter before the final painting is created. People always say- time is a piece of mirror. When a piece of test-strip has gone through a number of decades, for the sake of its form, contents that carried, or even a memory that associated with, it might have become a piece of unique individuality, and with a new life.


A Day in Tibet
Ilfochrome, 343mmx65mm

With Ping-kwan in Poland
Gelatin silver print, 150mmx210mm

Secret Tunnel at the Riverside
Gelatin silver print, 175mmx200mm


Two Perfume Glass Bottles
Ilfochrome, 140mmx250mm


South Side of Summerland
Electrostatic printing on the surface of c-type photograph, 125mmx280mm


Burning Spirits
Gelatin silver print, 125mmx285mm


Time-piece with Dark Blue Backdrop
Ilfochrome, 113mmx255mm


Organ Piano, Radio and Chairman Duno
Ilfochrome, 102mmx285mm




Fountain Upside Down
Ilfochrome, 240mmx105mm



Searching Flowers According to a City Map 
Ilfochrome, 250mmx100mm



Face by Face
Ilfochrome, 102mmx95mm



A Journey
Ilfochrome, 118mmx247mm

Reading a City before the Arrival of a Thunderstorm
Gelatin silver print, 195mmx145mm



Hong Kong Contemporary behind Bar
Gelatin silver print, 102mmx130mm



Daydream of Ground-glass from an 8x10 View Camera
Gelatin silver print, 180mmx125mm

A Building with Square Tiles
Ilfochrome, 125mmx247mm

Ladder from the Blue Sky
Ilfochrome, 102mmx243mm



Two Slices of Sunkist Lemon
Ilfochrome, 247mmx102mm



Gelatin silver print, 303mmx84mm



Gelatin silver print (with copper brown toner), 215mmx90mm




   DISLOCATION (NuNaHeDuo 女那禾多) was a photography magazine we published monthly, from 1992 to 1998 (with associated editors: Lau Ching Ping, Blues Wong, Patrick Lee). In the first three years, Ka-sing took care of the covers for most of the issues. In a number of consequent issues, he used test-strips from our studio, as design elements for the magazine masthead. It was very well received. These covers were featured in the design annual and publication. At the HKIPP Biennial Awards 1995, the Test-strips series for the DISLOCATION covers won a gold award for the category “Best Use of Photography”. The bronze trophy was designed by the late Anthony Mak Hin-Yeung 麥顯揚, our good friend, and one of the best sculptors in Hong Kong.




NEW STORIES series (2018). Juxtaposition, story, and words by Lee Ka-sing. Thirty pieces of photographic paper test-strip in pairing with items provided, in a large shoe-box, from Kai Chan.

An installation, as part of the collaboration exhibition (2K 2.0) Kai Chan and Lee Ka-sing. GALLERY 50, Toronto, March 10 to April 8, 2018.

Three Roses (2018)

An Artificial Satellite Sending Messages to the Fake Planet (2018)

Data being Transmitted into Memory (2018)

View NEW STORIES series, 30 works at this link

Some of these works in Carte-de-Visite (a small format print released by OCEAN POUNDS, 4.75x6.5 inches) are available at GALLERY Z, Hong Kong




Lee Ka-sing - selected photographs from the series "50 Gladstone Avenue 吉石大道50號, a macro and micro documentary in present tense"

February 7, 2019 (couple)


February 7, 2019 (blue print)


February 7, 2019 (Provoke)


February 7, 2019 (bookshelf)



Words by Holly Lee

Kenojuak Ashevak (1927-2013)
The Enchanted Owl, 1960
Stonecut on paper

Holly Lee
Untitled, early 70s
Silkscreen on colour paper


My silkscreen print must have been inspired by Kenojuak, a time when I was also influenced by mythology. At the evening art school First Institute of Art and Design, I had a chance to work on silkscreen printing. This print was a small exercise. I don't remember exactly what it represented. It might be Nüwa, the mother goddess of Chinese mythology. From her born men, birds, wolfs, snakes, grass, grains. A close, animistic idea shared with Kenojuak's. Forty years ago, I wrote a poem in Chinese based on my imagination on Kenojuak's life. Today I have written another poem based on her portrait taken by Norman Hallendy in 1968.



A Poem by Holly Lee

Kenojuak Ashevak

She wore a garment
showing Inuit dreams
her dark hair braided
snaking round her shoulder skin
a missing front tooth smile
A twenty-four-hour sun
loving, warm and caring
everything they call art
her dreams, and daily rendering

A woman so beautiful
shone bright at eighty six
silver threads hanging
eyesight dwindling
she clung close to the paper
her once strong hands
gently scribbled something
pencil tipping
her red fox's name


Kenojuak Ashevak in a Garment Showing Textile Printing, 1968. From photographs of Inuit Artists in Cape Dorset. Black and white print from 35mm film. Gift of Norman Hallendy, 1991. McMichael Canadian Art Collection Archives.



Hisun Wong
Sculpture, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (#95P0111)
8"x10", Polaroid Transfer print, on watercolour paper
(work of 1992, the print was produced in 1995)
OP Edition, with "OP editions" blind-stamp
Edition 13/20, signed and numbered on front

Purchase this photograph at OCEAN POUNDS online shop

OP editions are limited edition photographs from the OP Print Program we organized since 1995. After we moved to Toronto, the Program was still in operation for the first five years. Over hundreds of artists have been included, with photographs released as small format limited editions, in 8”x10” fibre-based black and white or chromogenic colour photographs. We plan to publish here, a selection from the collection on a weekly basis.



《LONDON/HONCON》1980 倫敦/香港
Shinro Ohtake 大竹伸朗
Publisher - Yobisha 用美社, 1986. ISBN-946419-39-x

Shinro Ohtake visited Hong Kong in 1979 and 1980. In the second trip, as he noted, was from London to Hong Kong in August. Harvested from both trips, he put up a book of his drawings. The format and medium of the works as described in the book: “13.2x10.cm, 16.8x11.8cm, 37.0x28.5cm, pencil, coloured pencil, inks, adhesive paper, printed papers, water colour, cigarette paper, comic paper, coffee, tea, glue, tissues, photograph, film”. This book received the highest award at ADC in the year of 1987. I saw this news in a pamphlet inside Ohtake’s “EZMD” published in 1987, a year after LONDON/HONCON.

Shinro Ohtake visited Illustration Workshop when he was in Hong Kong. The suite of five prints (now in our collection) was a gift for the members of IW. We feature Ohtake here, also in memory of three core members of the Illustration Workshop, Philip Kwok, So Ching Yuen and Tommy Li Kam Fai, who passed away subsequently in the last decade.

We used to have a large format book of Shinro Ohtake, like a retrospective collection of his paintings, drawings and artist-books. The book was borrowed by a friend and was never returned. Shinro Ohtake's artist book is always our beloved, along side with Peter Beard and Henrik Drescher's.




Shinro Ohtake 大竹伸朗

Electrostatic print on plain paper, from Shino Ohtake's notebook
one from a suite of five works, 11.5x16.5 inches each

Signed and dated by the artist (1979)



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