About "Take-Me from the Archival Bin" Program

This is an art-give-away program.

In the past years, we have accumulated a certain amount of artifacts – from work prints, exhibition prints, test prints to items produced for promotional purpose. We set up this art-give-away program and hope some of these works can fall into the hands of their beholders. Though these items are free, we will require a shipping fee for each lot (US$18.00) in order to keep this project running. Delivery will be via mail system only (anywhere).

First and foremost, this program is to benefit the PATREON members, furthermore, the readers of the MONDAY ARTPOST. We will post one lot every week on the last page of MONDAY ARTPOST, but, PATREON members will receive the notification one day in advance.

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Every lot is one-off. Items will not be larger than 8x10 inch, condition is ‘as is’ and no additional information or description will be provided, we want to keep the operation as simple as possible.

It is also a journey of gem discovery, the sweet reaping of one’s apple of the eye.