0914 Notebook


A Private Viewing event of artwork by Gary Michael Dault

• Date: (Saturday) September 14 , 2019
• Time: 2 to 5 pm
• Venue: RSVP_50_GLADSTONE_AVENUE (Toronto)
• The event will be closed at 5 pm sharp.
• Limited to 20 RSVP registrants. Each registrant can bring one guest. (optional)

To attend this RSVP event, you need to acquire the print "Blue Torso" from the link at below -

Blue Torso is a special edition CARTE-DE-VISITE, of work by Gary Michael Dault, released by Ocean and Pounds for the occasion BOOKNOTE. Print size 4.75x6.5 inches, in limited edition of 20, signed by the artist. Each print costs $10 US. (all items available at OCEAN POUNDS are in US currency, taxed according to your region).

The print BLUE TORSO is to be picked up in the NOTEBOOK Private Viewing event. It will not be delivered by mail. If under special circumstance you prefer mailing, please inquire shipping cost.

This Private Viewing event is hosted by Holly and Ka-sing, the founders of OCEAN POUNDS, contributing to the advancement of art collecting and appreciation. The artist will be present.

For your reference
ON TABLE refers to a Private Viewing event with exhibits displayed on a table platform. ON WALL refers to exhibits on wall, ON SHELF refers to inventories at the OCEAN POUNDS online shop.

For your information
During this event, you can also browse on wall the recent photo-based work by Holly and Ka-sing. Besides the exhibits, items on site are available at below-regular price.


50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto
INQUIRE - mail@oceanpounds.com