(3) The Skill of Playing Dead

(photo by Lee Ka-sing)


(3) The Skill of Playing Dead

Mrs. Bento
It is almost the second Anniversary of our Bed and Breakfast! For the past year we came across so many interesting people that we wouldn't have met if it wasn't the business. I keep thinking back of certain people who'd made an impression on me. Juan, for example, stayed with us during the last International Film Festival. He was here for the film La Soga, which he played the part of the General. Juan was smart, funny and knowledgeable. He loved eating the bread I made (almost every other day). He put on this most wonderful, satisfying look in his face as the lightly toasted bread went down his mouth. He then would look at me and tell me with his eyes "what a great treat!". I was so overwhelmed with his praises that I had to make sure my next loaf won't disappoint him.

Of course, my bread is better than those brought in the supermarket because it is fresher. I have chosen a good bread maker after some research so that baking would not discourage me. I have fun and been adventurous in trying out different recipes. I share conversation with guests on the success and failure about bread baking with machines. One thing that really surprises me though is my own persistence. Instead of letting my Cuisinart bread maker sitting idly there acting like another decorative item in the kitchen, we work, and experiment together really hard year round.

Mr. Bento
A man from Vancouver came to study acting and stayed in our B&B. Actually he's retired but he wouldn't mind starting another career. As a novice the acting school advised him to learn the skill of playing dead. During breakfast time we learned some rules about the act of dying.

 "If you are to die in front of an audience and there's no story written out for you, you need to devise a dying plan. You must come up with a way to die, like to fake a death by heart attack, or getting shot, or being stabbed. Practicing is very important and you will require help from another actor of friend. They will tell you if its looks right. If you fall, and surroundings permit, fall onto the grass instead of the sidewalk. After you die, remain completely still. Best is to close your eyes, don't smile or make any other facial movements. Keep a blank look on your face, try counting to meditate and visualize a calm, serene place."

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