What day is it today, I ask April, is it Thursday? Both are wrong April says, it’s Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, Thursday comes after Wednesday, Thursday is kitty litter day as well as garbage collection day, have you forgotten your Mondays, which used to be your library day, also a day you’d take a rest after Sunday, which, for a long time, ceases to be your holiday - until now. For almost one-and-a-half year, I become more and more confused with days of the week, every day seems like other day, always holidays, with no back to work call, no duty for the day except Thursday, the day of the week we must get rid of the kitty litter and garbage, recycle all papers, plastics, cans and alike, being just a few of the only work left, like paying bills, cooking two meals a day, binge-watching, bathing, pooping, sleeping - with days gone by unhurriedly and unnoticeably, seems slowly yet with greater acceleration, and as a result I always arrive at the same day, with rest of the week shrinking, and folding into one, eventful and meaningful, oh, Thursday.
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