Both Branson and Bezos migrated from planet Earth to land the Karman line, for a long three minutes they floated at the edge of space, experiencing weightlessness, God and the infinite black sky. A giant step in human exploration (which always precedes migration), the expedition offered a momentary stay in thermosphere, concluded just over ten minutes with the capsule touching down base. This brief, million-dollar voyage demonstrated wealth and power, securing the right to dream, and in this case, the absolute will to turn dreams into reality. As a child Bezos watched the moon landing with awe, fantasizing that one day he would go up there, to orbit around scorching hot Venus and icy cold Uranus. As a matured, successful entrepreneur he set up shop and prepared for twenty years to reach space. What he didn’t foresee is that not only he’s got the whole world in his one hand, but the immense space travel imperium in the other. Will that inspire him to a bigger move? He might have already been busy planning excursions to outer space, pinning down habitable planets, building more spacecrafts for his celestial real property empire. At the moment of zero gravity, there was not only lightness, but also weight. In the vast expanse and serene stillness, they looked at a blue planet brimming with movements and lives. And this world is ours! From a flat screen I join NASA astronauts to look at our world from outer space. It looks every bit like a realistic space movie except it is authentic, far more amazing and beautiful than man-made. I want to cry out to all people, leaders of all the nations, the most powerful, the super-rich and elite: it’s not too late, don’t abandon it, our world is not a dream, it is better than a dream, be optimistic be energetic, save it.
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