Go and stay, go and return. To go or to stay, to be or not to be. Humans learn to be migratory without really studying the birds. Our earliest ancestors roamed from pasture to pasture, continents to continents to follow sustainable conditions, finer weather and better lives. In modern times people seek security, without sacrificing prosperity. These partial migrates undertake the pattern of seasonal migration, like birds, but without the tempestuous flight. Sensing the inhabitable environment, birds and animals would not hesitate nor speculate. Where they settled they have no attachments, no possessions, it is easy to vacate. Go or stay is a difficult decision pertaining to mankind, for, except natural disasters, most of the catastrophes and miseries are inflicted and created by the human race. Notwithstanding peaceful and comfortable times, people still migrate; either they are dreaded by past experiences, or have detected future disturbances. Some have heard of a brighter future somewhere, others want to hide, and transfer their fortunes far away. There are all kinds of motivations stirring up constant movements. People get bored staying in the same old place, many depart to seek opportunities and adventures, some move closer to family and friends, others leave to escape painful memories they could not face. There are also those destined to stray. They lead a life floating, like swifts who live their entire lives almost in the air, eat, drink, sleep, fall in love and making merry in full flight.
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