My recent memory of many retired memories are in the form of untouchable papers, in P-P-P: reborn pixels of Polaroids, Postcards and Photographs, reading them on computer screens, in open skies, no beginning, no end, non-linear, as if by chance we pick up a fragment of an afternoon - poetry-reading at Yesi’ home, his mother served us cold beers and peanuts, and later that day, she made us beef bourguignon, a simple beef stew raised to an art form by Julia Child, who also invented the shark repellent to ward off curious sharks from underwater explosives in the war years; hence marked her first attempt into the world of cooking. My taste memory tells me that Yesi’s mother was a good cook, and in linking up this story I am beginning to think she must have poured herself a glass of red wine while preparing the meal, and as recommended by Julia, it was a good quality burgundy, probably from the same bottle of Pinot Noir she used to cook the stew.
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