She was two and I was thirty two, both loved to sing and dance and jump and make up stories, and I gave her picture cards, I gave her banana, grapes, little wooden cars, elephants with big ears, an eagle owl and tortoise with a mobile home, her dark round pupils sparkled, some new ideas seen brewing, raising her left hand and pointing towards the ceiling with her index finger, she cried Owltoise! I was pulled back for a moment, trying to understand before breaking into a hysterical laughter, it was not the only time, for, after many tender months and years, after language was no nonsense but rules and mirrors, after many mornings of breakfast in the cha chaan teng, the Chinese Tea café at the corner of our street, and after many lunch time with sandwiches and tea time with cheese cake and night time with spaghetti, sprang up a new word in the English dictionary - Breluntiner.
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