We've become the torchbearer for the kingdom of IM. So the story goes that one fine morning in 2021, we woke up with clear blue sky and light wind landed with the fragrance of brassavola nodosa - a citrus and gardenia-like scent left by our lady of the night. Everything was calm and agreeable until we overheard birds talking in bird language that a severe storm was approaching from the north east. Hurriedly we turned to our blank storyboard and drafted out a plan to save our rewilding garden, all the singing plants, blooming flowers, common and rare herbs, birds nests and squirrels dreys in the two oak trees, the recent honey bee hives in the rock crevices. Using a giant compass we carved out a glass dome with a radius of eleven meters to cover our garden of just a little over four thousand square feet. To ensure the structure was strong enough to withstand the 100 mph winds, double pane transparent wood must be employed. We wanted to rescue as many birds as we can so from our storyboard we drew a flock of birds, most of them small and vulnerable, sparrows, blue jays, robins, kinglets, cardinals, goldfinches, swallows and cuckoos, and kept them inside. A miniature scene safely encapsulated in the snow globe, we sat and watched, listening  to a cacophony of roaring wind, rain, birds chirping and screeching with terrific effect. For ninety days and nights the storm persisted, and after one hundred and twenty days lockdown we successfully curbed the storm from ruining our garden. Not feeling only triumphant, we were actually awestruck by the power we possessed from IM: we couldhave saved the world! From major natural disasters, wars, to even the recent catastrophic pandemic. With this sudden awakening we lost no time scribbling on our storyboard, designing an all-inclusive anti-virus, with an architecture that will convince, and convert our enemy viri to be our friend.
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