Shinro Ohtake

Shinro Ohtake 大竹伸朗
Electrostatic print on plain paper, from Shino Ohtake's notebook
one from a suite of five works, 11.5x16.5 inches each
Signed and dated by the artist (1979)

Shinro Ohtake visited Hong Kong in 1979 and 1980. In the second trip, as he noted, was from London to Hong Kong in August. Harvested from both trips, he put up a book of his drawings. The format and medium of the works as described in the book: “, 16.8x11.8cm, 37.0x28.5cm, pencil, coloured pencil, inks, adhesive paper, printed papers, water colour, cigarette paper, comic paper, coffee, tea, glue, tissues, photograph, film”. This book received the highest award at ADC in the year of 1987. I saw this news in a pamphlet inside Ohtake’s “EZMD” published in 1987, a year after LONDON/HONCON.

Shinro Ohtake visited Illustration Workshop when he was in Hong Kong. The suite of five prints (now in our collection) was a gift for the members of IW. We feature Ohtake here, also in memory of three core members of the Illustration Workshop, Philip Kwok, So Ching Yuen and Tommy Li Kam Fai, who passed away subsequently in the last decade.

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