DoubleDouble+ (14)

DoubleDouble+ (14)

DoubleDouble+ (14)
an archive-on-paper edition of DOUBLE DOUBLE weekly online zine (February 2020)

8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
40 pages, perfect binding
Publish Date: March 20, 2020

CAD $16.49 (plus tax, shipping)

This is a print-on-demand publication. Purchase this book direct from the printing company BLURB

DoubleDouble+ (14) is an archive-on-paper edition of DOUBLE DOUBLE weekly online zine issues published in February 2020 (0207, 0214, 0221, 0228).

Published by Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing, DOUBLE DOUBLE was initiated in 2019 with the first issue published on 4th January. It is an e-zine published every Friday of the week.

An online weekly zine, it is partly a documentation of the projects Holly and Ka-sing began to work on, combing through archives of their earlier work, as well as art activities beginning in the late seventies through the past decades - their studios, writing, photography, publishing, art programs and gallery - from Hong Kong to Toronto. This DOUBLE DOUBLE online publication is also a platform to showcase their very recent work, from imaging to writings.

From the beginning of 2020, we began to launch an on paper version on materials which have been sewn together every week. Contents of the “DoubleDouble+” archive-on-paper edition is based on the material from previous e-zines, using the unit of a month (4 to 5 issues each time), it will be published on a monthly format.

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