by Lee Ka-sing

8x10 in, 20×25 cm
480 pages, softcover
227 photographs
isbn: 9781989845110
Published by OCEAN POUNDS
Publish date: September, 2020

CAD $130 (plus tax, shipping)
This book will be available on October 30, 2020.

In the period of book launch, the following video will be available on this page -

“coda” is an original work, in the form of a BOOK.

It was created in the Fall 2020, for the exhibition "On the Brink of Borrowed Time: To Stay / To Flee". In this exhibition 12 visual artists are in dialogue with 12 writers. Event organized by The House of Hong Kong Literature, took place at the Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre from October 30 to December 6, 2020.

Salvaging memories and yesterday’s fragments of a vanishing city, Lee Ka-sing’s “coda” is a symphonic poem, constructed with 227 photographs in response to Leung Ping-kwan’s “Cloud Travel” written in 1981.