Tree's Poem

Soil gives birth to seedlings
Seedlings become big trees
Big trees bear fruits
All fruits enwrap seeds
Falling on the earth
A new life again

Si-ling nine years old

Poem, drawing, collage by Iris Lee (Si-ling)
8.25x11.75 inches

It might be the drawing first, then the poem. It might even be a homework, a collaboration between child and parent. I thought I did the drawing and Iris wrote the poem but I was wrong. It was all hers and dated 1992, when she was nine. It was the best of years, and the worst. I was able to explore Eastern Europe, and cancer explored me. I am a survivor, pessimist to optimist and now, a brilliant escapist. I don't think about it anymore. When I saw Gary's drawing, I felt like I am that electric tree, with circuit branches struggling alone in icy cold air. (Holly Lee)

Electric Tree (from Gary Michael Dault's current notebook, (dated February 19, 2019. Poem dated February 27, 2019)


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