Drawings by Chloe

My heart sings and drops as I located this drawings. I must admit I’ve forgotten them, but awfully glad to rediscover them in the greyish green document box amid other paper things. A decade ago, when Chloe was still at her teens I asked her to draw our family - of four. I remember Chloe as a small child, around the age of two to three, she was impatient, difficult and crying all the time. It must have been a challenging time for her parents, both very close friends of ours, who at that time, were still struggling to establish a life in Canada. Now, a quiet, soft-spoken, well-mannered and composed young lady, I can see the kind of effort - love and guidance the parents must have put into her. She was quick and confident when she sketched us, each person for less than five minutes. Thank you Chloe, for keeping us forever young.



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