Poems by Holly Lee

Night Lights 夜燈

夜的回憶 是電車 拐彎

Winter Poem V (Traveller)

You've carried wind and dust

Winter Poem III (Benefits)

For twenty years sending group emails rejecting his retirement

Winter Poem II (Snow)

A friend emailed he just lost his father

Winter Poem I (Double Life)

I speak Hong Kong Cantonese before Colonial English

Poems on Spain: Two Cups

You said how these coffee stains resembled the Grand Canyon

Poems on Spain: Palacio de Cristal

I met you this wintry morning

Poems on Spain: Sagrada Família

Gaudi said: I want to build the bible set in stone

Poems on Spain: Barcelona

The city is lost to tourists

Two Cities

近日 你忙於梳理往事