Winter Poem II (Snow)

A friend emailed
he just lost his father
another friend boarded an aeroplane
to attend the funeral
of her step-mother
the condo facing our street corner
the couple that we know
are snowbirds
they're now on the road
to help their wings keep warmer
to land without the snow

The first snow appears as virgin
its body silky and gentle
a purity that's forsaken
we let our car wheels go
now more dirty slushes
more battles and
more potholes

I love nature's music
the place from where I came
has rain that strikes from the tropic
its rhythm constantly
hard hit my window pane
winters are mild there
people fancy snow
consider it a holiday fanfare
imagining the winter games
laughter in the skating rink
build snowmen, throw snowballs
all you can eat snow flakes
and oh wouldn't it be lovely
to be in timber land
among tall tress
that are not fakes

Last night our green bin was stolen
a christmas tree someone dumped inside
all through the past christmases
we had different conifers
one remarkably large
one ridiculously small
some smelled so plastic
some could not stand tall
but out of all the species
only the stolen one
was truly alive
and it was
not even mine!

Published on Mar 5, 2018
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