Wednesday Morning College Street

"Do you remember the last time you wrote a letter?"

While waiting here for Tavoos to open
I asked myself a question
standing underneath a pole thinking
I still have a packet of
age-old air mail envelopes
blue wings red wings
printed along its border
defeating its own
very purpose and
every dream
of flying

imagining doves delivering words
angry war messages
secret love letters

high sky high
the postcards I wrote from Spain
never arrive

"We drank tea on the meadow of the table. I opened the door. A piece of sky fell into my glass. I drank the sky down with the water."

What is this poet's name?
his verses high on the wall
in this Iranian breakfast place

Inside Peacock Throne
in Persian, Takht-e Tavoos
we ordered spinach narguesi
: two sunnyside up eggs
bed of fresh sautéed spinach
crispy onion, creamy feta cheese
marinated olives
tomatoes in the shape of grapes
I took pictures of our plates
and your face
do you really look younger
in a digital camera
with an old lens in its place?

Wednesday morning College street
the doves are still hopping
from tooth brush to tooth brush, in a dentist's facade

Published on Jun 23, 2018
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