Thoughts On Photography

We did not update it's Bertrand's face
after ten some years
a younger image remains when
we have a new embrace
I wonder if he recognizes us
looking from the other way

His monograph was launched at
Stephen Bulger's new gallery space
Dundas street changes too
old houses demolished new condos replace
two days ago a wind storm brought down
the tall tree opposite our house
blocking the road, where
a selfie spot popped out

Le Capteur his recent book is personal poetry
his diaries, solitude, moments of life magnified
his back vanishing in the dark
his face basking in sunset red
from there I also recall another friend
Michel, chasing his own shadows
in gardens, among growths, on carpet flower beds

A picnic table with food stained plates
glasses, ashtrays and empty bottles
seats still warm chitter-chatter still linger
a wind blows open white curtains sailing into the room
movement and stillness as in Wyeth's paintings
Avedon's book of portraits laid on the sand
his ailing father seated, gave a disorientated gaze

Isn't it all about us, our families, friends
and the people in our circle of life
your world in my eyes
my world in your eyes
room of mirrors infinite skies
we camouflage we disguise we blur the line

So many images, so many collections of life
sometimes tired I feel why bother
but then I thought perhaps I don't see enough
know enough or walk deep enough
into the different sources of light
don't you know each photon
carries its own packet of energy
its own solitary mass and life

Published on May 14, 2018
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