Seven Days

moon day
Art Post and
library day
galleries closed
books browsing
at BMV, dim sum
or box lunch
at Maido day

war day
ambition day
a day to avoid
visiting friends
but a good
supermarket day
stock up and
clean up

hump day
Woden or Mercredi
they crossed paths anyway
a day easily
hooked to Starz
chasing Mr. Wednesday

hear thunder
Thor years away
but it's also about
farmer's market
garbage collection
words words
must come to light
or could it be
a burned out light bulb
rolling away

Freya, Venus and Aphrodites
food, sex and cannabis
clubs and bars
restaurants and cars
long lineup day
it's also the day
of the microwave

Saturn day
put down your sickle
broom and mop
get up mid-day
your table is laid
a good harvest to celebrate
a festival
to embrace

day of the sun
no guarantee
Hydro day one price
New York Times Magazine
as a routine
BnB most guests check out day
for some people, rest
and worship
I don't hear any church bells
this neighborhood takes it
just another brunch day

Published Sep 17, 2018
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