Poems on Spain: Sagrada Família

Gaudi said:
I want to build the bible
set in stone
I want to take the forest
inside the church
pine tress, laurels and ferns
golden rays from the sun
arches, vaults, stained glass windows
showering rainbows
from sunrise

The tree is my teacher
The sun, the best painter
my masterpiece is God's reveal
this is what
looks like
this is how
should feel

In front of the Nativity Façade
the pilgrimage line keeps curling
into the garden
into paradise
all you lost
wandering people
performing selfies
standard postures standard smiles
I smile for myself
for my followers
in the social media crowds
everybody heads up
there's God!
there's a picture of me and my awesome God!

underneath the colonnade
beneath the moons and stars
my head is splintering
my senses go blind
I don't want no picture
of my weary eyes
I don't need to prove
I have been here
or there
I've met the sublime

my heart cries for you
and Miro
do you really not mind
your becoming
a hand bag, a scarf, a mug
a fridge magnet
or another
children colouring book!

Two thousand and twenty six
your supreme
heroic life dream
the temple of God
the cathedral of the poor
will be built
to perfection
You knew you won't live
to see
the final completion
you won't live to know
the tallest church
is now built
to be worshipped
to be
another wonder of the world
a money milking machine
tell me Gaudi
with all your infinite devotion
and all your immeasurable recognition
would you reject
the waking
of a

Published on Feb 12, 2018
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