Dropping Notes While Riding On A Stratford Bound Bus

York turns to QEW
high rises enveloping
square window cases
every one gets a balcony
every one gets
a view of other buildings
the traffic roar, and the lake
and the other shore
between buildings

People bet their money
people harbour their money
people borrow their money
people leverage their money
some investing
some downsizing
for a piece of the jigsaw
big picture, made up of
multiple tiny boxes
identical, rather brittle
glittering gleefully
fake diamonds

We left
the revived water front
that boasts itself world class
we passed
red blue Costco
blue yellow Ikea
we saw
LED billboards
so bright under sun light
and tall, ten-storied
solar lamp posts
then we lost track
when things started to drift
to suburbia

Published on Dec 31, 2018

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