Art Bus Tour

I’m already sorry for time past
ticking taking
frames after frames after frames

Time present
is to say goodbye
to time past
hello time future

Window fogged
people’s breaths
racing on Don Valley
the river has a history
like every river

Lean back
I could’ve driven
but prefer a chauffeur
this day, plagued with rain

At the building of Richmond 401. Marianne is late. But then there are more late comers, five more, all wrapped with scarfs and geared with Tim Hortons, Starbucks or whatever. Same group of people, senior art enthusiasts all the time, with the exception of a few. Organizer Desaree starts to do the roll call. We stop again, at the sidewalk of cafe ’WhataBagel!’. Inside it people sit facing the large window sipping their cups heads down, fixating their eyes on cell phones. I think of a Robert Frank’s picture, seventy years earlier, only then they were more interested in what's happening on the street.

I’m learning to be a senior
without ever learning my youth
time is fast
time is slow
there's no measurement
no length control
it tastes best
in my slow cooker
a 2002 model

Present time being present
solid time
you thought you've taken
ticking taking
frames after frames
slippery scenery
phantom shadows
this fuzzy window
this blurring glass
this futile wiping

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