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by Madeleine Slavick 思樂維

field 田
a field

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Poem a Week
by Gary Michael Dault


Six Haiku scribbled inside the back cover of a book I am currently reading:*

I am hungry
but my rice bowl
floats on the river
It’s cold
I sleep under
a single star
my rice bowl
floats on the river
like the moon
the weather cleared
a willow
kept raining
it was only a boulder
I knew it wasn’t
a wolf
the path is uphill
the ladder
of my spine
*Specifically, J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories (New York: Little, Brown, 1953).  This my third reading of this brilliant collection, and so I can’t be sure when it was I actually scrawled these wispy poems.

by Kai Chan

"Magenta" 2021, 22 x 5 x 5 cm, papier maché, wood, acrylic paint

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If you want to come for the opening to meet Tomio please send us an email.  ( mail@oceanpounds.com )


The Diary of Wonders by Tomio Nitto
Exhibition catalogue
with writings by Holly Lee
captions by Lee Ka-sing and Holly Lee
8×10 in, 20×25 cm, 
80 pages, softcover, perfect binding
Isbn: 9781989845172
Published by OCEAN POUNDS
CAD $40 (plus tax and shipping)

This publication is available for Orders at BLURB

A small quantity of books is also available at the gallery in the opening (save shipping).




DOUBLE DOUBLE issue 1008-2021

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CONTENTS: Holly Lee - The High Priest of Immigration, circa 1997, Hollian Thesaurus I

Eighty Two Photographs
a book of recent work by Lee Ka-sing
8×10 in, 20×25 cm
180 pages, softcover, perfect binding
Isbn: 9781989845189
Published by OCEAN POUNDS
CAD $70 (plus tax and shipping)

This book is available for Orders at BLURB

From the Notebooks (2010-2021)
by Gary Michael Dault

From the Notebooks, 2010-2021.
Number 106: Oncoming Headlight (June 6, 2012).

Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

Twig Gatherers

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Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

India (May, 2017) –  Kolkata was super hot and humid, trying to amuse ourselves we ventured over for a morning visit at Baboo Ghat, whereby local convene for purification baths in the Ganges. While the family was entertained with the kushti circus around us, I dared moving a few steps further and spent a bit of time watching those bathing between the blooming water hyacinths.

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by Fiona Smyth

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Some Trees
by Malgorzata Wolak Dault

Number 96

Gary says he had been dreaming about a tree.  All he could remember saying about the tree was "Does it know I'm there?"


by Cem Turgay

Leaving Taichung Station
by Bob Black

Autumn, Blue as October Breath

The spine of the sky swagging over cloud and tail, your undoing
reminded fractures that shadow burn scorched grown
the unevening of the tilted land or after, the curtain of blackened grass, remains
a person lit afire in the greening dust and gold-flecked soil,
once a body print left marking the ground

This unending algebra, the grammar of lost teeth and nibbled-none bone
blackening the earth underneath
Is this what the earth has come to?
Is it the sky’s fault or our telling yells.
Make it rise.

You autumn blue as October breath
what are we, if not those kids laughing on the stairs, regardless of their pivoting.
Our unfailing as pages of a long due novel,
our un-all
and what if the timed turn,
what we endure, of lines of light and lifted sorrow
if nothing else, what then?

Gobbling and sea-green, and you.

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(Breakfast area and small shop)

Located on the second floor of an art space, INDEXG Bed and Breakfast has 4 guest rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists, art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different cities visiting and working in Toronto.

50 Gladstone Ave, Toronto

ISSN 1918-6991
Published on Mondays, with columns by Artists and Writers
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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