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by Madeleine Slavick 思樂維

My mother's birthday is this week and I,
so faraway. O, to be this miracle tree,
connecting one land mass with another.

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Poem a Week
by Gary Michael Dault

Three Fragments from Sappho,
Wrested from and Reworked
from Kenneth Rexroth's translations
of Poems from The Greek Anthology

(To the people of Greece,
now surrounded by fires)

above the cool water
the wind speaks in sprays
of lilac
picking new poems down
from blossom

the moon is gone
so too the Pleiades
just at this midnight
does time edge past
my solitary cot

I fell in love with you
while you were
jumping rope
you and your dirty knees

Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

Reading In The Park

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Istanbul Postcards
by Holly Lee

8×10 in, 20×25 cm
60 pages, softcover, perfect binding
isbn: 9781989845158
Published by OCEAN POUNDS

“Istanbul Postcards” is available in two versions: POD (print-on-demand) book in perfect binding; and ebook for desktop, iPad or Kindle platform.

Print-on-demand version:
CAD $25.00 (plus tax, shipping)
Purchase this book direct from the printing company BLURB

Ebook version (for desktop, iPad or Kindle)
CAD $4.99 (plus tax), download
Purchase this book direct from BLURB


by Fiona Smyth

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by Kai Chan

Spring Drawing 14, 2021 watercolour on paper

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DOUBLE DOUBLE issue 0806-2021

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Holly Lee - NIGHT OWL SONATA (in one movement) “I dreamed that at the end of my days. …..”/ Lee Ka-sing - Selection from the Time Machine series

From the Notebooks (2010-2021)
by Gary Michael Dault

From the Notebooks, 2010-2021.
Number 97: Two Scruffy Miniature Landscapes Affixed
to a Distressed Notebook Page (August 2, 2021)

Some Trees
by Malgorzata Wolak Dault

Number 87

I recently got an email from a painter-friend, Susan Straiton, who had been listening to an art lecture and who sent me this quotation from one of Vincent van Gogh's letters to his brother Theo, about his feeling for nature and trees.  The allusion is fleeting, but I found it moving.

     "...in all nature,  for instance in trees, I see expression and soul..." (November 5, 1882)

Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

Canada (August, 2021) – Life seems to be reactivated; the streets are busy, patios are full. Humans are out and about enjoying the sunny skies and fresh air; after what seems like a year and a half in absurd hibernation. We wandered around Yorkville illuminated in sunshine, surround by animated smiles, admiring new murals and floral installations.

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by Cem Turgay


The Photograph
coordinated by Kamelia Pezeshki

Untitled by Peter Illidge (1955-2019)

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Leaving Taichung Station
by Bob Black

author note: the following poem is a 6-part poem and will be published in parts over the next 6 weeks

 ボケット:  Boketto
(letters to a wife, found in a box)

"He knew nothing to do but inhabit the paradoxes."--William McIlvanney

Letter 1

Dear Love,


To you, even in winter, full-bellied, 
I wobble and space my hope toward home.

To rhyme the darkness with ringing:
bead against wrist, tooth against tongue
and the boom of your heart click, swaying.

Words, like small billows under hull, tiller the jib of my meandering thoughts. Pictures, like wisps of exhalation, rudder the carriage of my body’s hinting. I have always worked both, rhyme and flap, to set my life’s navigation right—Ballast of Boom and Keel—the steerage from which I have tried to helm my way home. A halyard in its pulling.

How does one see through the clouded time of unseeing, especially when they themselves tell stories with pictures while all along they have struggled with the nature of how to see. So, it is me.
I am blind,
You as the moonlight on the water, the hair of a lovers' slumbering hair across my chest in the cool and rounded belly of the night....
pieta and the thinness of our wire souls

Night was meant for us: food, sex, dreams, poetry, cats screaming, tears, loss, hope, food, your brain's songs and the waiting for the sun to tickle up in the morning. Did you father fear this when I entered your life?
Did he worry the lines under my eyes, the twined scars across my chest: for those that dare the light and bending of their neck, risk loss but are rewarded by winged love:
the sky which towers over stone and bronze and wood and our hearts.

the heroic veins on your legs, a remarkable, entangled forest....and all that age, old age, lost upon your young skin....eruption and ignition and starburst.....winging.


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(Breakfast area and small shop)

Located on the second floor of an art space, INDEXG Bed and Breakfast has 4 guest rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists, art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different cities visiting and working in Toronto.

50 Gladstone Ave, Toronto

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Published on Mondays, with columns by Artists and Writers
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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