Jin Ming (from OP Print Program)

The Time Changed..

8"x10", c-type photograph (printed in 1996)
OP Edition, with "OP editions" blind-stamp
Edition 10/20, signed and titled on front, numbered on verso




by Fiona Smyth

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A Private Viewing event of artwork by Kai Chan

• Date: (Saturday) June 22, 2019
• Time: 2 to 5 pm
• Venue: RSVP_50_GLADSTONE_AVENUE (Toronto)

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ON TABLE refers to a Private Viewing event with exhibits displayed on a table platform. ON WALL refers to exhibits on wall, ON SHELF refers to inventories at the OCEAN POUNDS online shop.

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Writings by Gary Michael Dault
based on Lee Ka-sing's photographs
from LIGHT READINGS series

(Photograph by Lee Ka-sing - Sunrise)



Dinner, Breakfast

evening meals
crumbs of sunset

served behind
my back

at bone table
and chairs

swept away
next morning

making room for
slices of sunrise

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by Cem Turgay

Have you seen the rain, Ankara Capital of Turkey

There is a place called Ankara Kalesi. It is a old place and there is a coffin maker. I didn’t have enough time to shoot as I wanted the set up, so I asked a musician be there for my stand.



Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

Madagascar (March, 2010) – Once a dense forest; what remains is a dusty dirt road and the Avenue Des Baobab. Between rice patties full of blue water lilies and low laying brush along the plains, stands these majestic sky-scraping trees. Rambling down the road, one feels miniature next to the towering giant baobabs. I had the honour of celebrating the start to a new turn around the sun with a breathtaking view.

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Tabletop Studio
by Gary Michael Dault

No. 213. Nocturne.

Now that Colin and Clifford were making their rudderless way to Lunenburg, he felt lonely in a rather unexpected way. He began to feel the need to revisit his painterly past, almost as if he were seeking some reassurance that he's actually had one.

This afternoon he was revisiting. a painting from 2012 called Nocturne. He liked it better now than he remembered liking it at the time. He liked the dark, restless harbour with its solitary, departing sailboat. He liked the tremulous spotlight--if that's what it was--that seemed so insistent and, at the same time, so lacking in resolve. It was a harbour he missed greatly--without ever having been there.

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Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor


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by Kai Chan

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Writings/ Photographs/ Poetry/ Archives
A Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing online magazine. Published on Fridays.

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Published on Mondays
with columns by Artist and Writer
ISSN 1918-6991
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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