Published on Mondays, with columns by Artists and Writers
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication
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by Kai Chan

Spring Drawing 2, 2021 Watercolour

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The Photograph
coordinated by Kamelia Pezeshki

Untitled, spring 2021 by Gordon Hawkins

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by Fiona Smyth

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by Cem Turgay

Poem a Week
by Gary Michael Dault

In Siena Cathedral

one swallow
has a nest
behind the golden leg
of a putto
high up
in the central dome
every once
in a while
the swallow
leaves the nest
and flies
round and round
in a circle
like the second hand
of a clock



DOUBLE DOUBLE issue 0514-2021

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CONTENTS: Lee Ka-sing - Nine unique photographs (2021) / Cadence (ode to Holocene), a poem by Holly Lee

Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

There Was Nowhere To Go

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by Madeleine Slavick 思樂維

This is not a toy model
Farming is big business in New Zealand. I live next to a dairy farm, and every day a tanker rattles down the road to collect the milk: the company’s motto: Dairy for life.

From the Notebooks (2010-2021)
by Gary Michael Dault

From the Notebooks, 2010-2021.
Number 85: Dunescape (February 9, 2020)

Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

Canada (May, 2016) – Sometimes we need reminders of our inner truths. Most children on the other-hand have an anomalous ability to connect with their inner warrior or more importantly the intrinsic superhero without prejudice. When left unattended with ones imagination the most unusual things can emerge, as adults we just need to tap more into our inner rascal.

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Some Trees
by Malgorzata Wolak Dault

Number 74

Gary tells me he woke up at 4 am this morning with a phrase in his head about one of my tree photographs.
He says he scribbled it on the inside of the back cover of Borges's The Aleph and Other Stories that he'd just been reading.  
For me, this small text,  generated from a dream and inscribed in a book by Borges is, in itself, Borgesian:

can be read
in the braille
of a tree's


Leaving Taichung Station
by Bob Black


Et in Arcadia ego

once the sky pulled the child taught against its blue breast and squeezed,
running over the field of lavender and green
scent and shadow falling like steps beneath her
and all she could think, in that moment caught tossing,
was  there, if I let go of the kite, i shall lose the islands and the water in the distance, but

i am fit for this.

as the world races to break itself open
let us not forget, for each, that place, where we, carried
in the lap of a hammock, swinging quietly past the shadows and dream,
long and here: between the boat dock and the bone-rust winches
and the green teeth of the islands in the distance that beckoned us home....beckons us,

remaining  life-filled and swinging into the day and into the spinning night.

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(Breakfast area and small shop)

Located on the second floor of an art space, INDEXG Bed and Breakfast has 4 guest rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists, art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different cities visiting and working in Toronto.

50 Gladstone Ave, Toronto

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Published on Mondays, with columns by Artists and Writers
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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