Leong Ka Tai (from OP Print Program)


8"x10", chromogenic photograph (printed in 1995)
OP Edition, with "OP editions" blind-stamp
Edition 5/20, signed and numbered on verso




Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

Banh Mi Shop

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A Private Viewing event of artwork by Kai Chan

• Date: (Saturday) June 22, 2019
• Time: 2 to 5 pm
• Venue: RSVP_50_GLADSTONE_AVENUE (Toronto)

This is a Private Viewing event. Limited to 20 RSVP registrants (+guest).
More information to be announced.

For your reference
ON TABLE refers to a Private Viewing event with exhibits displayed on a table platform. ON WALL refers to exhibits on wall, ON SHELF refers to inventories at the OCEAN POUNDS online shop.

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Writings by Gary Michael Dault
based on Lee Ka-sing's photographs
from LIGHT READINGS series

(Photograph by Lee Ka-sing - Flower Stories)


# 157: Flower Stories

flowers with their colour gone
live on as wan
breathing the concrete air
causing the bees to stand and stare

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by Cem Turgay

Poorhouse, Turkey, İzmit, 2001

This photo was taken with a Hasselblad, in a house, when people getting old and lonely, they start to live there and make friend with others.


by Kai Chan

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Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

Madagascar (March, 2010) – Sometimes it's the way the light glows off the skin, the way the faces emerge from the darkness. It's the interaction, the surprise, the surreal... it's the gaze from a distance.

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by Fiona Smyth

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Tabletop Studio
by Gary Michael Dault

No. 212. Oz.

It was a week now and his old art-school friends, Clifford and Colin, were still there. They were supposed to have launched themselves, by now, on some epic automobile journey they had planned to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
"Why Lunenburg?. he asked them.
"It was all Clifford's idea," Colin told him.
"I was watching a DVD of Captains Courageous," said Clifford. "With Spencer Tracy and Lionel Barrymore and Freddie Bartholemew, and I couldn't get those fishing schooners and those long, deep swells and those puffing sails out of my mind."
"It's not like that now," he told them. "That film was made in 1937, and it was shot in the Grand Banks, off Newfoundland--not Nova Scotia."
"Still, " said Clifford, "We might get a glimpse of the Bluenose. She docks in Lunenburg."
"From the look of things here in the studio," added Colin, "you seem to be feeling the need for adventure too. Longing for some sort of escape."
"You think so?"
"Well, what's that big green painting you're working o right now? What's that bud-like thing in the middle?"
"That's The Emerald City," he told them. "The painting is called Oz."
Colin and Clifford looked at each other,.
"Maybe you'd better come with us to Lunenburg," said Clifford, pouring himself more coffee.
"It'd do you good," added Colin.

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Writings/ Photographs/ Poetry/ Archives
A Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing online magazine. Published on Fridays.

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Published on Mondays
with columns by Artist and Writer
ISSN 1918-6991
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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