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by Madeleine Slavick 思樂維

December, Whakaoriori
December is summertime in New Zealand. The heat in my valley, intense, Grass burns.  Water is rationed. Whakaoriori is the indigenous name of the nearest town – it can translate as lullaby.


by Lee Ka-sing

"20210412-3091, oil pigment on ceramic, diameter 380mm" (2021)


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NNHD DISLOCATION is a column by the five committee members of 女那禾多 NuNaHeDuo DISLOCATION, a publication founded in Hong Kong in 1992. Blues Wong, Holly Lee, Lau Ching-ping, Lee Ka-sing and Patrick Lee.


by Cem Turgay



Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

The Weather Matched Our mood

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Poem a Week
by Gary Michael Dault

I Awoke This Morning at Five A.M.

I awoke
this morning
at 5 am
it was like
from a cliff

a jolt
through the space
of erasure
onto pebbles
a day's minutiae
already begun
moments that
scrape your knees

I wanted
to wake up
like a plank
to be piled
into an orderly

but I fell
like an egg
all at once
no top
no bottom
through a sun
that scratched
like claws



DOUBLE DOUBLE issue 0409-2021

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CONTENTS: NIGHT OWL SONATA (in one movement), Holly Lee / ON WALL - face/colour 顏式顏色, Lee Ka-sing


From the Notebooks (2010-2021)
by Gary Michael Dault

From the Notebooks, 2010-2021.
Number 80: Antique Urn With Admiring Dog (August 20, 2020).


by Fiona Smyth

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Travelling Palm Snapshots
by Tamara Chatterjee

Canada (April, 2021) – Cinched in the usual routine; of repeat, replicate and copy during a third wave ubiquitous virus lockdown. The sanguine of mind methodically lost in a world of fantasy; reimagining what normal life will look like post pandemic. We conceptualize the raging rapture of what dreams will come, with the help of the neighbourhood enchantments.

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Some Trees
by Malgorzata Wolak Dault

Number 69

Where is the Temple of Teeming Fragrance?
Miles and miles into cloud-peaks.
Ancient trees: no man's path.

Wang Wei, from "Passing the Temple of Teeming Fragrance" in Hiding the Universe: Poems by Wang Wei, translated from the Chinese by Wai-lim Yip (New York: Grossman Publishers, 1972), p.27.

The Photograph
coordinated by Kamelia Pezeshki

Flesh Made Stone-Three Maids Cavorting by John Wallace

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by Kai Chan

"Floating" 2021 23 x 24 cm, thread and ink on gampi paper

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The Raw and the Cooked, MYTHOLOGIQUES
(A column on the culture of eating and cooking)

Asian Eggplant
by Kai Chan

Asian eggplants differ from the globe shaped eggplants commonly found here, they have a long and slender look. Though their taste is similar to the other ones, they have a softer texture and are sweeter, as well as juicer. David Tanis used this type of eggplant for “grilled eggplant paste”, a wonderful hors d’oeuvre when served with slices of baguette or on crackers. I have adapted this recipe here.
Cut two eggplants into half length and put them over a gas stove flame to grill with a mesh screen underneath, turning frequently, until the skins are blackened and the flesh is soft. Set aside to cool. Remove the charred skin and chop the flesh coarsely and put it into a bowl. Add the juice of one lemon, salt and pepper, 2 teaspoons each of chopped capers, chopped parsley, chives and 1 garlic clove smashed with a little salt to make a paste. Stir in 1/4 cup of olive oil. Taste and adjust the seasoning.
I also like to steam these eggplants. Cut two or three of Asian eggplants into quarters, lengthwise, then cut them into 3 inches pieces. Steam the eggplant for about 10 minutes or until the flesh is soft. Make a sauce using  light soy sauce to which add 2 or 3 chopped scallions, and some chopped fresh chilli ( I prefer Thai bird chilli ), then add 2 tablespoons of boiling vegetable oil. Pour the source into the bowl of steamed eggplants, mix well and serve warm.



The Raw and the Cooked, MYTHOLOGIQUES is a new column on the culture of eating and cooking, with contributions by various authors. The column name is borrowed from the title of a book by Claude Levi-Strauss. It is spontaneous, a little amusing but serious at the same time.




(Breakfast area and small shop)

Located on the second floor of an art space, INDEXG Bed and Breakfast has 4 guest rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists, art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different cities visiting and working in Toronto.

50 Gladstone Ave, Toronto

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Published on Mondays, with columns by Artists and Writers
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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