Ngan Chun-tung
from h+k collection

Shing Mun Reservoir, 1978
Vintage photograph, 16"x20", titled, dated and signed on verso by the artist



Poem by Holly Lee

A Still Life from the third-floor window in YoungPlace

The white ghost of CN Tower
corner brick buildings
pedestrian crossings and
traffic lights flickering
constant fixturing
the five towering windows
each, divided in two halves
upper glass, a grid of criss-cross pattern
lined two verticals two horizontals
making nine slightly
rectangular capriccios

In your face
the skeleton of a huge old tree
Stretching out web-like fingers
across four window panes
in the distance
Trinity Bellwood Park
blanketed with coarse white powder
cotton candies dizzily whirling
brewing up another snowstorm
the first day I walked in
the last day I walked out

March, 2019


Caffeine Reveries
by Shelley Savor

Brush & Comb

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Writings by Gary Michael Dault
based on Lee Ka-sing's photographs
from LIGHT READINGS series

(Photo by Lee Ka-sing)


#142: Inside, outside

Golden Horse

you'll want to know this
your golden fingers
under the lampshade

it will mean something
just as a cupboard door closes
you love the kitchen

and the study
that pools around you
like the corral fence
around a golden horse

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by Kai Chan

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Tabletop Studio
by Gary Michael Dault

No. 203, The Yellow Rose of Praxis.

Winter was taking too long. His Demonic Self desired a gigantic yellow rose and so McDowell provided it.

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by Fiona Smyth

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with columns by Artist and Writer
ISSN 1918-6991
Published since 2002, an Ocean and Pounds publication


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