The Thinbit Studio (1989-2006)

It all began with the idea of “rethinking photography.” Line-works are photographic images, but without the middle-tones. And of course a copying machine is one more type of camera, among many others.

In 1989, with these concepts in mind, I began to create collage works by using a photo-copy machine. Multi layers of images were over-printed onto a single piece of paper. It wasn’t until the mid nineties, that I switched to using a scanner and working on computer for layering. From 2006 onward, I turned back to the camera instead of using a scanner. But I must say, all of these processes are intriguingly different, and exert different psychological effect on you while you are working.

The Thinbit Studio is a title I made up while putting the works together with the pieces I produced from 1989 to 2006. Over a hundred works of that type were made during those years. They include the cover work created for IDN, a digital arts magazine; The call-for-entry poster for Hong Kong Designers Association Awards; a poster for a June Forth art exhibition, Advertising for Hong Kong Telecom, the Cover of the Grant Application Guide brochure for Hong Kong Art Development Council, a series of more than a dozen book covers for Cultural Perspective of Ching Man; Wall murals for Asian Legend, a restaurant in Toronto, and more.

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