Hong Kong Journal (1995-1997)

Works in the monograph Forty Poems are in two parts, the second part includes a selection of 20 black and white works that I made between 1995 to 1997; they were grouped under the title Hong Kong Journal. These images were in fact, not really made as a series when they were originally produced. In 1998, however, when AGFA offered me the support necessary to produce digital negatives with their diamond screening technology, the Hong Kong Journal photos made up the selection I prepared for this new incarnation. A handful of direct contact gelatin silver prints were made, each 16 x 20 inches.

On the End page of the monograph, I remarked on these images: "The black and white photographs are from two bodies of work. One being a documentation of Hong Kong in 1997, organised by China Tourism Press. The second belongs to the on-going FOODSCAPE Project. These photographs have been exhibited in Hong Kong City Hall, Goethe Institute, and Asian Fine Arts Factory in Berlin."

Hong Kong Journal

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