Forty Poems (1995-1996)

Forty Poems (1995-1996)
a series of photographs each in size of 8.5x12 inch, dye sublimation print

The first stage of Forty Poems series was in a group exhibition in Hong Kong Arts Centre (1995). The completed series was shown at Tower Gallery in Yokohama in 1996, an exhibition curated by Iisawa Kotario. The show later toured to the Princz Gallery, Kyoto and to the Atrium in Fukuoka. Almost 20 years after the series was created, the vintage prints were finally on wall again. In 2015, the exhibition WALKING SMOKE at Gallery 50, showcased some of my early works in vintage medium.

The original idea of the FORTY POEMS was to make forty 8x10 inch photographs as a suite. When all photographs are grouped together, it becomes a piece of completed work. As it happened, I didn’t made all 40 photographs, finishing only about 30 pieces. In 1998, when I was working on the monograph Forty Poems (with publishing grant from Hong Kong Art Development Council), I edited the suite down to 20 works. The whole work was a unified piece about Hong Kong.

Forty Poems series

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