duet (2014-2020)

Light Readings series is a photographic journal in diptych form. I began this project in 2014 as a way of generating pictures about the city, fragments of my thoughts, or reflections on my reading. They are carried on like a casual conversation with a friend, or manifested as spontaneously as brush strokes on the pages of a sketchbook.

More than 400 of these LIGHT READINGS diptychs were made. Recently, I began to issue limited editions of some of these works. All were printed as Archival Pigment Prints, on heavy weight 12x22 inch paper (image size 10x20), in editions of 10. In 2015, I released a DVD of works from the first year of them: The Imagination Which Turns Blue into Pink. It contains a selection of 250 diptychs.

Light Readings series

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