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NIGHT OWL SONATA (in one movement)

written by Holly Lee

Listening to Lydia Davis’s Essays One I suddenly miss Hemingway so from the bedroom table I fetch A Moveable Feast, a book I still haven’t finished and left a bookmark on page 117. Interestingly the bookmark draws my attention and I start to examine these words: How to be naughty in 2021, Goal #3 I want to get more sleep Naughty you…but I still want to binge a juicy story, suggested read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. Who is Celeste Ng? I google her name and see simultaneously, a number of questions on her; her age and her nationality, why did she write Little Fires Everywhere, what is she known for, who is her husband, where are her parents from, where was she born, who is her agent et cetera et cetera. I also learn that Little Fires Everywhere was a bestseller in 2017, adapted to a TV Mini-series with eight episodes in 2020. So much so that I almost want to read this novel - that juicy story exploring ideas about race, privilege and life in the suburban town in Shaker Heights, Ohio. No, not now, I have already a number of books piling up in different places crying out for my attention. Continuing on with her audio book Lydia talks about a writer called Dahlberg, an author that not too many people read, or even know, that his book The Sorrows of Priapus was first published in 1957 with over forty drawings by Ben Shahn. Now I remember a book with drawings of Ben Shahn given to me many years ago by PK, because he knew I liked the artist. I roughly recall the name of the book something like The Sorrows of something, but have never bothered to look who the author was. Could it be Dahlberg? After a long search up and down the book shelves I find Edward Dahlberg, stuck between Cummings and Eliot. Why on earth does it take so long to locate the book? I recall then for a long time and after many relocations, The Sorrows of Priapus has been filed under visual art. That classification was revoked after I take up writing. Recontextualized, I put Dahlberg randomly among writers; and by chance it fell right between two of his American contemporaries.



Lee Ka-sing
Four pieces of photo-based work on paper
electrostatic print, on plain paper, 295mm x 217mm, unique


In 1989, Yau Ching was editor of FILM BIWEEKLY 電影雙週刊, for the supplementary cultural section 閱讀都市 (Reading the City). She asked me to contribute an image every issue for the cover of this supplementary section. I forgot how many pieces I had done, perhaps around a dozen of them. Some of the originals are still kept in the folio binder with me. I must say those pieces are raw, I see them as test fields of thoughts, and the common point, all were done with a copying machine, which I used in those days as my other camera (or computer these days) for my multi layering work. In 1993 I had my solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre with work selected from assignments. I picked one work from this series, and redeveloped it into a large format c-type photograph (122cm x 177cm). After the show, the photograph was shown in several group exhibitions, and finally went into the collection of M+ Museum.

While waiting for fine weather for a hotel exterior shot some thoughts arising from the recent two hurricanes and the record of rainfall

The dilemma of installation


Analyzing the relationship between whether it is or it isn't an ad by overlapping several advertisements from one issue of a magazine


A page from an illustrated book of species, July 1989





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Holly and Ka-sing currently live in Toronto with their daughter Iris, and their cat Sukimoto. Contact with email at - mail@leekasing.com / holly@xpecial.com


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