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Night Owl Sonata (in one movement)

Holly Lee

Some nights while we lay unsleeping we would talk about the distant past, eager to find a shared memory, for example the exact time and circumstance how we met, the people that were around us and the kind of conversations we would engage in. But you knew fully well that you’d caught sight of me long before I came to know you, and you remembered your first introductory speech that you’re a writer, who wrote poems as well as a column for the Youth Literary Weekly, that I responded in a not too surprising voice that I had already noticed, but would secretly keep my admiration for your green and stimulating achievement well under guard, so in the mini-bus, a short journey you at last reminded by friends to escort me home, after consuming all the alcohol, bragging all utopian talks, we usually sat in silence, and myself, the one who was considered more talkative, blamed it to the coldness of night, or the tiredness from my day job, would become a mute parrot, wordless and subdued. (November 4, 2020)  



Lee Ka-sing

Zhu Shunshui's Hand-book on Ethics and Food
gelatin silver photograph, 8x10 inches (edition 3/15, printed in 1998)
Signed, dated and numbered on verso


The constellation left by a movie director
electrostatic print, on plain paper, 8.5x11 inches



Holly Lee
vintage gelatin silver photograph, 8x10 inches (1993-94)

For me, the nineties in Hong Kong was the best of time. While hesitating about climate of the city's future, people inevitably had to move forward. Everything was in motion, everybody worked enthusiastically toward identifying one thing or the other; Chinese, Hong Kongese, pre-colonial, post-colonial, and the degree of Britishness affecting and intervening ordinary people’s lives. For a moment, we did have a cultural identity crisis, and many cultural projects produced around that period reflected just that - who were we as a Hong Kong people? In 1993, I was invited to work on the third phase of a project curated and directed by Wong Wo Bik namely A Metropolis: Visual Research into Contemporary Hong Kong 1990-1996. My contribution to the project was to take portraits of selected artists, who were from different area. Basically we knew each other well because there weren’t many working in the arts and it was a small and tight-knit circle. However, they represented certain aspect of Hong Kong activities and creativities in the nineties, and admittedly they were among the best in the art field. In the course of organizing some old pictures I came across these six prints again, but found one - Sunny Pang's portrait missing. Instead I located the test strip. As a matter of fact, this mini series of portraits had never been officially exhibited. The 8x10 prints that I found and which are on view here were work prints, a small part of the printing materials for the more substantial book printed in 1996 as a result of the multi-year visual research project.

尊子 Zunzi

梅卓燕 Mui Cheuk-Yin
(Dancer, Choreographer)

黃仁逵 Yank Wong

鄧達智 William Tang
(Fashion Designer)

唐景森 Tong King Sum



彭錦耀 Sunny Pang (Dancer, Choreographer, Performing artist)




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A Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing online magazine. Published on Fridays.
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