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Fragrance Chase
written by Holly Lee


Not all naked women
are night ladies
indulged in self-admiration
feigning porn starlets

Body exposed
Body encased

Body paraded
Body judged

Dress the lady
with emperor's new clothes
undress her body
with flowery language

August 21, 2019


An Afterthought

Years ago, we found this battered old book in the Aberfoyle antique market, which is less than an hour's drive from Toronto. From the contents, which compiled of 51 portraits of sex workers (with corresponding writings about each character), we figure it could have been published between 1910 to 1930. The interesting question is, was the writer (or writers) a journalist, a frequenter, or both?

We bought the Taschen publication 1000 Nudes Uwe Scheid Collection around 1995. We even had our library stamp inside the title page. We do not realize its full value until a few days ago, when I attempted to flip the 750 pages through. It really makes me aware of some fundamental differences between East and West: body/soul, clarity/ambiguity, tangible/nonphysical, seen/unseen, freedom/restraint, definite/abstract.





Sushi Grass in Paradise (A story)

written by Holly Lee
with photographs by Lee Ka-sing

(29) Chai

At the door is a young woman, dark brown eyes and short wavy layered bob haircut. She carries a travel backpack on her shoulders, a Samsonite spinner in the colour of midnight blue standing upright beside her.

"Aunty, I'm arriving earlier, hope you don't mind!" With a step forward, she stretches out both arms and gives Mrs. Bento a full embrace.

Mrs. Bento is not overly surprised to find Chai at the door. She knows she's coming, just not knowing exactly when. Chai is her niece, the only daughter of her younger brother Qi. After graduating journalism from the Ryerson University Chai returned to her home base in Hong Kong, picked up some contractual and freelance work. From her last phone call she'd already told Mrs. Bento that she's planning to stay in Toronto for a while, to continue research on her project - The Anatomy of A City: Toronto Chapter.

"Not at all! Come in come in, let me take your luggage." Mrs. Bento plants a deep kiss on Chai's cheek, turns her head towards the house and shouts, "Chai's here Bento!".

As a child Chai was bright and outgoing, an adventurous, loveable little rascal. She has a special place in Mrs. Bento's heart. In reality, her name was even given by Mrs. Bento. When? A scene flashed back to a café inside a bookstore. A week ago before Chai was born, Mrs. Bento's brother Qi was in Toronto. They went to Chapters Starbucks for a chat. Qi looked up the menu board and ordered Chai Tea.

"What Chai Tea, chai is chai, tea is tea, what exactly do you want, chai or tea?" said Mrs. Bento, expelling the air of an elder sister.

"Chai Tea, written on the board!" Qi said, pointing his fingers at the board.

"Do you know they are wrong? Chai means tea in Hindi. It's boiling black tea with milk, sugar and spices. When you say Chai Tea, literally it means tea tea. So you want tea tea … tea tea ..." Mrs. Bento unabashedly mimicked some baby talk.

"Oh, I didn't know. Chai I guess. I like the strong spicy flavour."

"Good choice. I'll order chai too, sweet and fulfilling, always revitalizing. I have an idea, let's name your baby Chai, if you still haven't got one." Mrs. Bento was just kidding at that moment. She hadn't the faintest idea, just after a few days, a healthy baby girl of 7.5 lb was born, and named by her father as Chai.


"Sushi Grass in Paradise" is an on-going story. To read the full length version with previous chapters, please visit- https://oceanpounds.com/blogs/sushi-grass-in-paradise



Lee Ka-sing
Selection from DUET series (work year 2019)
Photographs from DUET series are available in BIBLIOTHEKA editions - print which remains the exact layout of a single page of BIBLIOTHEKA folio publication, size 6.25x13 inches, open edition with BIBLIOTHEKA blind-stamp, and signed on verso. Please contact mail@leekasing.com

A tale of two fish tanks

The well-tempered clavier

Those days when there was a pond




Mamoru Horiguchi
1/8 of an instant (#960170)
8"x10", gelatin silver photograph
(printed in 1996)
OP Edition, with "OP editions" blind-stamp
Edition 11/20, signed and numbered front
Featured in the OP EDITIONS catalogue, issue 9603 in 1996

OP editions are limited edition photographs from the OP Print Program we organized since 1995. After we moved to Toronto, the Program was still in operation for the first five years. Over hundreds of artists have been included, with photographs released as small format limited editions, in 8”x10” fibre-based black and white or chromogenic colour photographs. We plan to publish here, a selection from the collection on a weekly basis. Some of the photographs from OP EDITIONS are available at OCEAN POUNDS online shop.



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